Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Things are really moving along at the house. Today we received this pic. The stone is finished. To recap the exterior color selections are the following:

Siding - Boothbay Blue (James Hardie)
Stone - Kentucky

Trim - Dover White

Shutters - Tricorn Black

Door - Tricorn Black (not visable in this pic)

Garage - Carriage Doors

I must say my favorite part of the exterior thus far is the carriage doors. Hopefully I will get a better picture of them to post. We can't wait until they get started on the back of the house, because I have a feeling the double decker deck is going to be a showstopper :)


  1. Beautiful! Love the selections together!

  2. Really nice looks much better than the model!

  3. I think you may change your mind from the carriage doors to the covered front porch. I am writing this from mine. Love it!

  4. Thanks everyone! Sgt. Rich, you may be right. Living in Philly for the last few years...I have forgotten what sitting on a porch (with good weather) is like :)

  5. It's beautiful! And as pretty as I know those doors are, I agree with Sgt. You're gonna fall in love with that front porch! Shoot, I've been through the model in Charlotte, you're gonna fall in love with the entire house! It's wonderful!

  6. Love the porch. Looking great so far!

  7. I am most certainly in agreement on the carriage garage doors. Amazed to find they were standard!