Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Developments

This week has generally been a slow one at the house. Since our PM is on vacay (and things are soooo far ahead of schedule), the only major development is that the fireplace is finished:

The stone is Kentucky to match the exterior of the house. I'm a little nervous about my little one climbing all over it...but it looks great! I am told the floors have also been installed but are still undercover until all of the final touches/installations are complete.

In other news, we finally heard from the Division Manager that Ryan Homes will honor our requested closing date in May. Not sure why this was an issue in the first place, but I am glad it is resolved :) So, I have officially scheduled the packers/movers and we will be NC bound before we know it!


  1. Your fireplace is gorgeous! Love the stone and mantle combination. That wasn't an option for us.

    Congrats on getting the closing date settled. I'm sure that's quite a relief.

  2. I'm glad they decided to be reasonable about the closing date. Sometimes people just don't think about all the stress they are creating for others.

    I love the fireplace. We did not have an option to do it that way, and I didn't want all that stone imposing on the room. Plus, I wanted slate. But I would have loved to have the raised little - what is that? The hearth? I'm not sure. It's beautiful. Enjoy it!

  3. Fireplace looks great! Congratulations on setting your closing date!