Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pre Drywall Meeting

We had our predrywall meeting this week and I can't believe how fast construction is going! Our PM walked us around the entire house pointing out the work that had been done, placement of outlets, etc. Since we are building "remotely" we had our meeting with the Guardian folks simultaneously. Choosing where all of the electronic bells and whistles would go was surprisingly easy. All of the electrical and plumbing will be inspected next week and once our PM gets the all clear they will close up the walls and start on the exterior.....Can't wait!!!! Here are some pics of the progress.

From top to bottom: Master bath, great room, kitchen, view from the basement


  1. I love your floor plan! Very unique! It is amazing how quickly things can be done. I can't imagine what it must be like to live so far from where your home is being built. I guess I should stop complaining about being an hour away :)

  2. That is a new floor plan to me. Very nice.
    If the walls are not closed up yet, see if you (or someone handy) can put a "smurf" tube from the attic to the basement in the "dead space" where the HVAC tubes go. If you ever decide to run an attic antenna or a dish on the roof, you will be glad you can run the coax through the tube and not down the side of your beautiful house. It's super simple and VERY cheap. just an idea.

  3. I definitely second Sgt Rich's idea to do all you can before they close up the walls, it will surely be worth the lack of hassle in the future.

  4. Ooooo!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the James Joyce! It's such a beautiful house! Great Choice! If you've had pre-drywall then do you have your closing date yet?