Sunday, March 18, 2012



So folks reading my blog may have thought I seemed a little too peppy about my experience building with Ryan homes. Well that all ended this past week when 2 things happened:

(1) Like many others in the Ryan Homes blogging community, our original SR left the company. She was great and I actually enjoyed dealing with her :( Our community now has two fill-in SRs. From the beginning of this process we told Ryan that we could not close/move until May. Low and behold last week I received a letter stating that our closing date would be April 17th. I contacted one of the new SRs who proceeded to tell me that she didn't think they could push back the date. I quickly reminded her that the May closing was the plan all along (it's even in our purchase agreement). We are not using NVR (I work for a large bank and the employee benefits/rate outweigh any NVR incentive) so at this point our lender would not be ready for a closing in less than 30 days anyways. Supposedly I will hear back tomorrow if they will accommodate our request. Not happy!

(2) We got an email from the SR that another buyer toured our home and just LOVED our exterior color selections so much that they selected the same for their home not too far from our lot! Now, I know that we don't have exclusivity on home colors...but we went out of our way to select something that was different so that our house would stand out. I can't imagine walking into a community...seeing a house that I like and then building the same thing down the street. I realize this isn't entirely Ryan Homes' problem, but I would have appreciated a little deterrence of this type of behavior! Maybe the new buyer will see this post and reconsider...

On a brighter note, our realtor tells me that the house looks FABULOUS...cabinets and tile are in and they will put in counter tops this week. Cross your fingers that our closing issues get resolved quickly...


  1. If your closing date is in your purchase agreement, that should settle the issue (imo). I don't see how they can "make" you close earlier (unless there's some clause in there that proves otherwise).
    Our SR did not leave the company but did move to two other communities during our time with her. It seems to be common for SRs to change communities. We were able to stay with our SR. We only met with our SR once in our community. It was only a minor inconvenience as the other communities were nearby. Sorry you are having to deal with new people and explain your situation.
    In our community there are two Veronas on the main street separated by only one house. They are different elevations, but they have the exact same color scheme. I can't imagine coming in and picking the exact same color scheme as a nearby house.
    I'm glad to hear that you have a realtor there keeping an eye on things. Hopefully, everything will get worked out that you get your closing date as reflected in your purchase agreement.

  2. It can really be frustrating when the person you have worked with has moved on and now you are forced to start a brand new relationship with someone who has no idea what is going on that is specific to your situation. Things will work out I'm sure! I would be really upset also if someone selected the exact same exterior as we did and their lot is not far. Like you, the selections we made are unique to our community and that's why we chose them. I understand Ryan only has x number of options so it's bound to happen but...when you have selected two different options (brick,stone,siding) for the exterior the number of possible combinations greatly increases. Hopefully they will re-consider!!

  3. We are in the same predicament as far as outside trim colors. When we pulled onto our street and saw our siding and shutters for the first time, we were elated...until...we noticed that our next-door neighbor had EXACTLY the same siding going on. Fortunately, they are building a Verona and we have a Venice. However, we were told that you could not choose the same siding as your neighbor. I was pissed. We went right over to the sales office and the response I got from our SR was, "I made a mistake, are you guys mad?" I agreed to get over it ONLY because they are doing partial stone and their elevation is significantly different than ours. I was, however, really pissed when the SR proceeded to inform me that the Venice going up two doors down from me is getting the same siding...

  4. I would be upset about the exterior, too. I will keep my fingers crossed that they change their minds. But if they don't, remember that old saying...imitation is the best form of flattery. You can always "one up" them later with some fabulous landscaping or exterior uplighting!

    I hope you hear good news about your closing date. We are in a similar situation and I am waiting for a response from NVR about our closing date. We pushed for a delayed closing at signing (June 1st), but the most recent paperwork from NVR states May 9th. Grrrr......

  5. From experience, I know you can bully them into the later date, especially if you have it in your contract.

    As for colors, Songig (Rome Adventures) and I have the exact same stone and trim colors. There are two other Romes in between us. She has a different elevation than us, so the houses don't look exactly the same. Even if there was only one house between us, I still don't think I would be upset. Yes, there were several different types of brick and stone to choose from, as well as 3 different elevations, plus several trim colors to choose from based on your stone/brick choice as well as your elevation. I love my choice so much that I'm actually happy to see someone else has the same tastes that I do. Luckily, RH doesn't allow two of the exact same next to each other, so you are at least guaranteed to have one house between you.

    Sorry that it upsets you so much. I agree with JBY - imitation is the best form of flattery. Hopefully you will be able to make yours stand out with some awesome landscaping and lighting.

    Good luck.

  6. Thanks everyone for the great comments (and moral support)! Glad to hear I am not the only one with these issues :)

  7. Pushing back a closing should not be an issues. It's pushing them up that is hard. Several in my community pushed theirs back. It'll work out!

    I have no idea why your Rep would even email you to tell you what she did. In one way, it's a huge compliment! Apparently you have great taste!

    I do understand though. No one wants their model home with in sight with the same colors and layout. I'm sorry. Especially when Ryan offers a lot of different color choices. We all hope that someone would pick something a little different and unique, a little more them, less you. I get it. Try and see this as a compliment. In the end, you are going to have the perfect house for you, and that's all that really matters.

    *hugs* I hope it all works out for you!