Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Room

It is hard to believe that we have been in our new home for almost 30 days!!!!  We are STILL unpacking, but have checked another room off our list...the family room.  I wanted to make sure that the room is comfortable with lots of storage for all of our DVDs and kiddo's toys too.  Here are the highlights:

Everything together...

I often have design ideas with no real thought as to how to implement them.  I knew that I wanted the mirror to lean against the wall rather than hang on the wall.  After a lengthy discussion (read borderline argument) with my husband over why this was necessary, I took to the Internet to find a safe way to attach the extremely heavy mirror to the wall.  Leave it to the folks over at Young House Love to have the perfect solution: Furniture Safety Brackets (see post here).  Simply attach two to the wall (either screwed into the stud or using wall anchors) and two to your mirror, fasten the mirror to the wall with the straps and TAAADAAAA!!!

Another shot of the sofa and finished windows.  We previously tried having a separate sofa and love seat but the whole fam just ended up crowded together on one sofa.  A comfy sectional fits our lifestyle perfectly!

Still looking for a side table for between these chairs.  It has been challenging to find a table that is toddler safe and stylish.

Where we got it:

Sofa, ottoman and chairs from American Signature Furniture
Entertainment units, mirror and sofa table from Ikea
Ceiling fan/light from Lowes
Curtains and Pillows from Crate and Barrel
Furniture Safety Brackets from
Other miscellaneous objects from West Elm and the Mommy Esq archives

A big bonus feature you cannot see in these pics is the surround sound system.  We had it installed by Guardian and the speakers are in the ceiling.  I must admit that I was extremely skeptical about the entire thing (especially the price).  But even I agree that it was well worth the investment!  It sounds like you are sitting courtside when watching the NBA finals!!!  Maybe I can convince my husband to write a post about the specifics...

Well, I am calling this room done but there are still a lot of personal touches needed to make it complete.  The cabinets need to be styled and I plan to add more family photos to fill up the space.  But enough decorating for to the pool with my little one :)


  1. I love your set-up! Those accent chairs are awesome!

  2. Looks gorgeous! Love the colors, sectional, curtains, pillows! Everything!! The fireplace is also stunning!!

  3. It's amazing! They have tools for everything! Thanks for sharing the mirror hanging hooks. I have pictures that I have set up that way and somewhat nervous they would slide and break. But not now!!

  4. I will have to say you have great taste in ceiling fans! But I'm biased as I have the same one.
    Nice setup with the mirror straps.

  5. Your room looks so cozy and chic at the same time. You did a great job, and I love your chairs!

  6. Your family room looks great, very inviting! We also go the speakers in the ceiling, and that same ceiling fan will be in the morning room. I love you decoration sense, I may steal some ideas from you :)

  7. Good find on the straps for the mirror. Simple but effective.

  8. That looks awesome! I love those chairs.

  9. Love your ceiling fan too! Congrats!

  10. You have an excellent sense of style. Everything looks great. Where are your cables for your DVD? How did you connect them to the TV without them being seen?

    1. We got the surround system through Guardian so all of the wires are behind the console to the right (under the mirror). We also had and extra outlet and the cable prewire installed above the fireplace since we new we would be mounting the tv that way. Guardian is a little pricey....but in the end, unless you are super handy (and have the time and energy) it was nice to have someone else take care of it. Thank you!

  11. It's beautiful and it looks inviting and comfy. Great job! I never would have guessed Ikea for the mirror. Maybe we need to check out their mirrors, as mirrors are an issue for us.