Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

When we packed up our little apartment in Philadelphia and headed to North Carolina, I had no idea what to expect when we entered our new home for the first time.  We had not seen the house in person since our predrywall meeting and I was naturally a little cautious about what the finished product would look like.  Well let me tell you, the HOUSE IS GORGEOUS!  All of the finishes look really nice together and the craftsmanship is AMAZING.  Shout out to our PM Abe for doing such a great job!!!

In the last week we have been busy unpacking, installing and generally trying to get things organized.  The painters are coming this week so I hope to get at least a few of the rooms completely done so that I can post some boxless pics.  In the meantime here are a few of my favorite things about our new home:

(1) Neighborhood:  One of the things that sold us on building with Ryan was this neighborhood.  The second you turn into the development it has a great feeling of southern hospitality.  Also, there are several builders in this community and all of the houses are very unique and custom looking.

(2) Space:  Ironically the James Joyce is one of the smaller floor plans we looked at.  We were actually interested in the Dorsey Hall and Canterbury, but would have had to pay an additional $23,000 lot premium to build a basement with those plans.  Needless to say we "settled" on the James and looking around today I now think I am CRAZY for ever asking "is this enough space?"  Our apartment in Philadelphia would fit into our basement!

(3) Details:  During the building process I really fixated on some things more than others.  I am pleasantly surprised by all of the little details that were not on paper but appear in the house.  For instance...

Crown mouldings and chair rail...


Garage and Outdoor Lights...

(4) The DeckIT IS SPECTACULAR.  Even our neighbors have noticed and refer to our home as "the blue house with the great deck".  Again, shout out to our PM Abe as this was his brainchild.

(5) Kid Approved:  There is nothing like seeing the smile on my child's face as he runs around the house.  You can tell that he loves it, which is all that really matters :)

If you cannot tell by all of the capitalized words in this post; we are really pleased with everything.  After a thorough walk through, I have only found 3 minor cosmetic issues.  Hopefully within the next week we will be all unpacked and I can post additional pics of the decor coming together.

Happy Building!


  1. You house is gorgeous! Love the deck!

  2. Wow! Love the arches, the moldings, the chair rail. It's all beautiful! Your son is adorable too. Can't wait to see more pictures of your lovely home.

  3. That deck is, WOW! I was staring at the structure of it for a while and it is impressive on the size and height.

  4. Your house is beautiful and your son is so cute !

  5. The house is beautiful! The little details, such as the chair rail and arches really make it unique. It looks great. Congratulations!

  6. Wow looks amazing! Congrats--and your son is adorable;)

  7. HE is a cutie! And so is your DECK! Just amazing, your PM ROCKS!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I look forward to seeing the decorated pictures. I love the arches, they bring lots of character to the home! You scored big time!!

  8. Your son is a cutie! The house looks amazing, wish we had some arches. And I love your deck it's huge!

  9. Gorgeous house!! (and welcome to Charlotte, btw! it's a wonderful place to raise a family!!)

  10. Beautiful, we wish you guys the best of luck! --Ericka

  11. Hi! Love your home. Had a question about the arches in your home. When in the process did you ask for that? That was not a feature that I was told was not offered although I did ask about it (I am also in the Charlotte area).