Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Results Are INNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Today is the day I have been waiting for ALL week.....the inspection results are in! We went back and forth trying to decide if we needed an inspection in the first place, and today I got confirmation that it was money well spent (only $357). Although the results were mostly positive (the report was over 40 pages!), there are a few things the inspector suggested we have fixed prior to closing:

(1) Splash blocks need repair to route water away from foundation.

(2) Deck needs to be tightened in several places and the railing attached to the house better secured.

(3) Get verification the truss system in the attic is appropriate for the house.

(4) Screws missing on panel for HVAC unit.

(5) Air conditioning units need to be leveled properly.

(6) Deadbolts to rear exterior doors need adjusting.

(7) Need overflow pan installed under washing machine (Ryan Homes threw in the front loading washer and dryer as part of our "deal" so we may have to purchase this ourselves).

(8) Determine source of standing water on the sump pump.

With the exception of the water in the basement and AC issues, all of these items seem relatively innocuous but require immediate attention. There were other minor/cosmetic items, but I will save those for the 30 day check up. Since we are only 12 days from closing I am interested to see how Ryan Homes responds.

Wish me luck :)


  1. good call on the inspection! glad you came out ahead!

    1. Thanks. We may have caught most of these issues (eventually). But it has been very interesting to see the enthusiasm Ryan Homes has to get these items fixed prior to close!

  2. Sounds like the inspector did a thorough job and that’s great! The good thing is there are 12 days for Ryan to ensure these items are addressed. Hope all goes smooth from here on out.

  3. We closed in Concord, NC and we got a pan and there was no washer Ryan gave us. Maybe they just forgot?

    GL at closing! Congrats!

    1. Thanks for the info. We probably have the same PM!

  4. NIce blog! I just noticed that you are on the ryanhomes blog list. Can you tell me how to get my blog on this list? Also, is there a ryan homes blog place that we can join and add our blog too? I feel so lonely. Ha ha. Thanks for the help!

  5. Hi - I had NO idea my blog was listed on the ryanhomes blog list (nor that there was a ryan homes blog at all). I think generally we just all start our blog and "follow" a other bloggers. Lots of folks read Sgt. Rich's blog and some others so if you "follow" him, other folks will likely follow you. Now I am very curious as to how Ryan chose my blog......THANKS!