Monday, August 27, 2012

Front Porch Fridays

I've recently learned that a prerequisite for being "southern" is to have a charming front porch.  At least that's what it seems like if you drive around our community.  All of the homes have great curb appeal with stylish seating and just the right amount of garden/landscape.  Our HOA social committee has even organized a fall event called "Front Porch Fridays".  Each Friday a different house will host the neighborhood on their front porch (host provides the drinks and guests provide a snack or dessert).  When I got the sign up email I was excited for the opportunity to meet the rest of the neighborhood.  But then I looked in horror at my barren front porch and turned to my husband in dramatic fashion: "We can't host Front Porch Fridays on this porch!"

Well lucky for us Pier1 was having a great end of the season sale.  We were able to pick up some cozy seating for a great price.  Here are the results...

Where we got it:

Chair Frames, Cushions and Side Table from Pier 1
Outdoor Rug from Target
Accent Pillows from Homegoods
Container Garden/Plants from Lowes

I hope our porch is now worthy of Front Porch Fridays.  We'll have to see what our neighbors think ;)

Next project..........LANDSCAPING!!!!


  1. So gorgeous. You've done a fantastic job. Your neighbors will be jealous :)

  2. You have a really elegant sense of style. Kudos! I think it is lovely. I would sit on your porch and drink frozen lemonade with you every day.

  3. the area rug pulls it together nice buy!

  4. The porch is definitely ready now!

  5. I can appreciate this as sitting on my front porch is a big highlight for me.

  6. So cute and so jealous of the porch!

  7. Looks beautiful. You're all set to host Front Porch Fridays. It's an awesome idea to get to meet all the neighbors. Front porch get togethers must be a southern thing. Up here, everyone hides in back on their least for the 3 months out of the year its warm enough.

  8. your house is beautiful and your taste is very similar to mine. My husband and I (and our toddler son) are about to build a Ryan home in PA and I'd love to see your updated pics! I'm still trying to decide on kitchen and staircase options. What did you choose?