Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm Jumping In....

Greetings Ryan Homes Blogging Community!

I have decided to jump into the wonderful world of blogging about my building experience with Ryan Homes. Every one's blogs have been so helpful, that I thought I owe it to all future building newbies to chronicle our experience. But, I am a little late to the party so I will be posting a series of posts regarding our selections, the process thus far (we are having our predrywall meeting next week), and getting to the finish line. I'm also really into interior design, so expect a fair amount of posts about that too. Well, I hope I can contribute some helpful information (or at least entertain the readers ;).

Thanks for following.


  1. Thanks so much for this great blog! We looked at Rosemont in Indian Land today and really liked the neighborhood.

    Question - I asked Ryan to send me a copy of the HOA rules for that neighborhood. I noticed they have language in there regarding landscaping (even to go as far to say potted plants are not allowed in view of the street). Did you have to get approval from the HOA for any of your landscaping? THANKS!

    1. Hi - The general rule in our community is that HOA approval is only needed for adding hardscape or a fence to the FRONT of your property or cutting down trees. No approval is needed for ordinary landscaping. However, HOA rules are generally community specific and my not have anything to do with Ryan Homes. Good luck and I hope you find your dream home :)