Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Very Belated Happy New Year!!!!!

Hi Ryan Homes Blogging Community! 

I took a little hiatus from blogging due to travel, work and life in general.  But I have been inspired by all of the messages and visitors I've received asking questions about our home.  Since my last post our community has taken off and RH only has a few more lots to sell.  Also, the James Joyce has become very popular in the Charlotte area and folks have come by to see our unique selections.

Because I have been busy, not a whole lot has been going on at the house.  Here is my list of all the projects I would like to accomplish in the New Year:

(1) Organize, organize, organize!
  • Install organizers for the muchkin and my closets (will check out the Elfa sale at the Container Store this week).
  • Create extra storage space in the pantry and laundry rooms.
  • Utilize over the door space to hang things like brooms and floor cleaners.
  • Do SOMETHING about the garage. 
(2) Finish out the lighting.
  • Add lighting to the study.  I was too cheap to pay $125 for the extra light fixture.  BIG MISTAKE.  It's now going to cost me 3 times that amount to have the electrician come back and install one :(
  • I found a kit to convert the recessed light over the master bath tub into a pendant light.  Stay tuned.
  • Swap out the remaining ugly builder grade fixtures in the hallways and staircases.
  • See if we can get a ceiling fan installed for the front porch.
(3) Furnish/paint/decorate the guest bedrooms.  I really don't have a good excuse for why this isn't done when folks come to visit.

(4) Tackle the monster deck.  Last summer we purchased a grill and temporary patio furniture so that we could at least sit outside.  But I have big plans for the space:
  • Stain and de-rust (if that's even a word) our current patio furniture.
  • Add container gardens and decorations to make it more of an outdoor living/dining room.
  • Add sectional seating to the bottom deck.
  • Possibly add a shade or two to protect from the intense sun.
Whew that's a LONG list of to dos!  In the meantime here are some pics of the family we took in and around our home:


Hope the New Year is treating you and your family well:)


  1. aww what a cutie patootie! no worries on on your lists! i revamped my list that i originally made in September when we settled, which quite honestly consisted of actually buying furniture for all of the empty rooms (most of the house btw lol) i was surprised and really happy to cross off quite most of the items.

    i need to get on erika and steve's plan with the decor/trim/accessories installing. but i suppose by summer we'll get there i'm sure you guys will too.

    forever is a long time to be in our houses :)

    1. Asia, we literally have 21 different spaces in our Rome to work/decorate with! It's going to definitely take some time. lol

      YAY--for crossing things off of your list!

  2. Now that we are in our home--the list is never ending!! There is so much to do and lots of excitement around the projects. Have FUN with your projects? Have you picked out the colors and furnishings for the guest bedrooms?

    I did check with electrician during the build to convert the recess to a ceiling rough in above the tub and it wasn't suggested because of codes and safety so I asked him to install it in the middle of the bathroom ceiling. I need to double check the blue prints because I think they made a mistake and kept it with the standard lightening, if so, I need to have this replaced during our 30 day inspection because I paid for it!!

    BTW--how did the Front Porch Friday's turn out?

  3. Really beautiful. I love your taste.Very classy!

  4. What a beautiful home! I just started the building for my Charlotte home! I am going with D.R. Horton and I just cannot wait for it to be done and I can decorate with our things and create a home from a house! Thanks for getting us excited!